Matthew Ranney
Oakland, CA
Skill Summary

Many years of experience designing, implementing, and managing large software and network systems.

Extensive knowledge of and operational experience with internetworking equipment and underlying protocols.

Solid Unix background as a systems architect and programmer.

Ability to guide technology strategies to meet business objectives.

Excellent interpersonal skills.

Objective I like to work at the intersection of people and technology. I want to both help engineers build more useful things and to help users get the most out of their technology.
Practical Experience
Founder and CTO - RebelVox, San Francisco, California: 2 years

Developed a time-shifting voice communication system from identifying the problem, architecting a solution, implementing a prototype, and selling it to partners.

Filed over 60 patents on this technology, both in the US and internationally.

Designed and implemented a suite of test automation and performance analysis tools using the unique capabilities of HTML5.

Founder and Principal - Ranney Consulting Services, Oakland, California: 11 Years
Selected clients include:
  • Triple Canopy - Designed, implemented, and operated a global Voice over IP network for private military contractor. Provided network and security architecture consultation and incident escalation. Developed monitoring and management tools for telephony and network resources.
  • Assorted "stealth mode" starups - provided technical direction and software engineering for various new ventures, the nature of which is covered under Non-Disclosure Agreements.
  • Anuvio Technologies (formerly i-Drive) - designed, installed, and maintained production web site, testing environment, network infrastructure, and security policy.
  • Homestore - Installed and configured several highly available 3-tier web applications using clustering on all three tiers. Developed tools in perl and PHP for performance analysis and optimization as well as better communication between operations and engineering. Redesigned and implemented a large Java application, significantly cutting operating costs and improving reliability.
  • iAsiaWorks (now defunct) - Designed and implemented a Juniper DCU-based traffic accounting and security auditing system in Perl and PHP for an international ISP.
  • Axient Communications (now defunct) - Designed and implemented a Cisco NetFlow-based traffic accounting system in Perl and C++ for a content distribution network which was used for the 2000 Olympics.
  • - Assisted with design, implementation, and maintenance of a large web application as well as its computing, security, and network infrastructure.
  • - (now part of NBCi) - designed and implemented an application in C++ for publishing the personal web pages of over 8 million users.
  • KatmanGO - Designed a caching system to better scale database accesses from a custom web application.
  • Tasman Networks - Assisted with design and testing of an internetworking product which is currently on the market.
Founder - Comenza Inc., Oakland, California: 1 Year
  • Conceived and developed new business concept for distributed database company.
  • Designed several patentable software systems related to the core product.
  • Gathered market research and product requirements from potential customers.
  • Managed investor relationships.
  • Set technical direction and priorities for engineering team.
Chief Technology Officer - Trancos, San Carlos, California: 1 year
  • Provided technical direction for startup company.
  • Managed technical team.
  • Solely responsible for all design and development in PHP and Perl of the multi-language contest management system used for TroppoLotto and other contest sites.
Senior Network Engineer - GeoNet Communications (now part of Level3 Communications) - San Francisco, California: 1.5 years
  • Managed Cisco routers and routing protocols at 4 public exchange points, including BGP filtering, monitoring, and negotiating peering arrangements. GeoNet (AS3356) had full peering with no transit providers.
  • Coordinated administration of all production Unix servers providing DNS, SMTP, NNTP, and web proxy services.
  • Developed web and database tools for Network Operations Center automation and streamlining of customer support.
  • Developed a monitoring and accounting system based on Cisco's NetFlow export feature that provided detailed auditing data for customer billing, security auditing, and peering relationships.
  • Provided second level support for engineering and NOC staff.
Manager, Systems Administration - EIT (now part of Hewlett Packard) - Menlo Park, California: 2.5 years
  • Managed the 6-member Systems Administration group for the Internet Commerce Division.
  • Designed and implemented all levels of the network infrastructure.
  • Managed dual-homed Internet connectivity including router management, ISP/telco negotiation, network security, and firewall implementation.
  • Migrated computing environment from Macintosh-based systems to Windows NT desktops and Unix servers.
Systems Administrator - NEC Systems Laboratory - Irving, Texas: 1.5 years
  • Provided support for the Unix-based computers and networks in the network software research lab.
  • Introduced the World Wide Web to the entire NEC corporation by providing education and training to executives and corporate marketing. This resulted in NEC's first external web site.
  • Participated in the design and development of Socks and NEC's commercial implementation of Socks in a firewall.
Systems Administrator, Calvin College - Grand Rapids, Michigan: 2 years
  • Provided support for the campus network of Unix workstations
  • Developed software for automation of common administrative tasks.
  • Lobbied management to allow the issuing of computer accounts to every student and wrote the software to support it.
  • Served as a consultant to other academic departments on purchasing and planning matters.
Education Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan